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He Sponsored My Education And Now Wants Me To Become His Second Wife, Lady Weeps

My name is Maria, and my parents, who are very rich, had dreams for me to become a professional medical doctor. However, due to a strained relationship with our family members, we rarely visited the village, leaving my siblings and me feeling lonely.

I pursued my dream by gaining admission to study Medicine and Surgery at UNN at the age of 17. During my 20th birthday party, which occurred during a long vacation, my family and I flew to London for the summer. Tragically, on our way back, we experienced a terrible plane crash, and I was one of the 10 survivors, losing my entire family.

Barrister Tony, our family lawyer, took charge, supported me throughout my studies, and helped me secure a good-paying job after school. Barr Tony played a pivotal role in making my dreams come true.

Three months into my job, Barr Tony shocked me by expressing his desire for me to become his second wife. This unexpected proposition left me in tears, as the person who had helped me was now seeking something in return that I was not willing to provide. Complicating matters further, I have no one to turn to due to the animosity my parents had created between me and my relatives.

Now, Barr Tony is threatening not to release my father’s will unless I accept his proposal and marry him. I am at a loss and unsure of what to do. Should I accept his proposal or risk losing all my father’s property?

Written by Precious Chimere.


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