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My Husband has never made love to me since the three years we got married, depressed lady shares

My name is Jessica, and I am from Imo state. I got to know my husband Michael from my church, dated back to the day we started attending choir together.

His love for things of God and his angelic “tenor” and “alto” voice made me start coming close to him, while he also put me through in some difficult songs.

As time went on, we started getting closer to each other. We even talked to each other about our issues and advised each other on how to go about those issues.

While growing up, almost everything started getting difficult for us. From food to eat, to what to wear, it wasn’t easy for us, until I met Michael.

Meeting Michael, was the best thing that happened to me, and loved him because everything I saw the man I wanted to marry in him.

On the 14th of February 2019, Michael got me a Valentine’s gift and asked me to be his girlfriend, which I agreed.

We dated for 12 months without s*x, until the night of our wedding.

I was very ready to satisfy Michael after our long wait and anticipated how our honeymoon would look like, because I saw that he was a God-fearing man.

After the whole ceremony, we returned to our hotel room, only for me to see Michael glued to his phone.

I came very close to touch him, but he asked me to leave him.

At first, I was surprised, so I left him and picked my phone to respond to congratulatory messages from friends and families.

When I returned to the room, I saw Michael watching something else on his phone and acting like someone that was horny. I went close and caught him watching p*rn,  which made me feel sad for him.

But on a second thought, I thought Michael wanted us to watch the scenes together, so I drew closer to him.

While we were watching the p*rn, I drew closer to kiss him at least make him know I was in the mood, only for him to remove his mouth and my hands at the same time, before returning to continue with what he was watching.

Before I knew what was happening, Michael started touching himself which made me ask him what he was doing when he has me here, but he didn’t answer me, and continued ple*asuring himself until he slept off.

I was very angry, because this day was supposed to be the best day of our lives, but Michael d*stroyed it with his immoral desires.

That same thing kept repeating itself, which made me so worried.

I had to wake him up in the middle of one night threatening to complain to my mum, but he started apologizing, with the story that he started masturbating at age 10, that he never had s*x with a woman in his life, rather he enjoys mast*rbating.

At this point, I knew things were right, and so I started asking him why he married me in the first place, but he apologized and suggested that I can go out and have s*x with any man of my choice.

For over two years now, I never had a taste of a man in me because I don’t want to cheat on Michael.

He even bought s*x toys for me which I find it difficult to use. Michael went further to organize a man to come and have s*x with me, but I refused.

That’s because I cannot see myself having anything to do with another man, even with Michael’s approval.

I am troubled and confused. I don’t know what to do, I have thoughts of leaving this marriage, but I cannot because of the love I have for Michael.

Written by Chizobam Wisdom Elemba


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