True Life Story

Since My Husband Left Me A Snake Has Been Sleeping With Me At Night, I Need Deliverance, Sorrowful Lady pleads

After completing her studies, Peris moved to Kenya to start a business. It was there, she met a man, and started a love relationship with him. The man having discovered the child she has, accepted her, and proceeded to marry her.

However, his behavior towards her changed the day she gave birth to her second child. He started coming back late, and maltreating her son.

One day, she decided to visit her parents, and on returning home, her neighbor informed her of her husband’s extra marital affairs. She thought it was just a rumor so she debunked it immediately.

However, she believed her neighbor on the day her husband threw her belongings out. Since she didn’t want to return to her parents house, she rented a small house and restarted her business.

A month later, Peris started experiencing strange things, one of which she described as a snake she saw sleeping with her multiple times daily.

She sought for help from pastors, and was enrolled into fervent prayer and fasting. However, the situation persisted, which resulted to the collapse of her hotel business.

Peris is now on a hunt for pastors who can deliver her from spiritual husband and constant rejection that has eaten a chunk of her life


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