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Pls help me, My Ex wants to use my S*x videos to destroy my Marriage – Lady cries out.

A Nigerian lady who has been blackmailed is seeking for advice.

Here’s her story:

I had a child with a man about three years ago. Now am married to my beloved husband and we are happy together.

My husband got me a big shop after marriage and it was so big that I couldn’t manage it any longer that I had to hire a manager who happens to be the father of my first child.

We started dating while he was working for me but I didn’t want it.

Now, the devil had his way and we spend time together almost every evening, after we stop attending to customers.

My Ex is having several of our sex videos which he threatened to show my husband if I did comply to him getting funds from my business.

Surprisingly, my ex bought a Land through manipulating me, and I had to succumb to him to save my image.

My life is ruining and I’m afraid there’s nothing I can do.

I want to save my marriage and my image but my ex keeps blackmailing me.

Please I need your advice.

Documented by AbdulRahman(Picture not same as story sharer).


2 thoughts on “Pls help me, My Ex wants to use my S*x videos to destroy my Marriage – Lady cries out.

  1. Whatever a man/woman sows, that he reaps. You see, seed time and harvest will never cease as long as the world endures. You sowed cheating and you’ll reap heartbreak and broken home.
    However, if you can sincerely repent and give your life to Christ, there may be a way out. However, whatever way out may involve an open confession to your husband. He may reject you as a wife because you betrayed his trust but your soul may be saved from hell for your genuine repentance and who knows, Jesus in His grace and mercy may yet heal your relationship with your husband

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