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I am a church girl but I ignorantly married a bad boy, Please save me- Sad Lady Shares

I’m Kelechi from Owerri in Imo State, from a family of 5 children: 3 girls and 2 boys and I’m the first child.

We lost our parents at an early age so my Aunty took us in, to stay with her family where we were nurtured in the way of the Lord while growing up.

Her husband is a pastor in Deeper Life Bible Church, so this made us so fervent in church to the extent of graduating the university as a virgin.

After I graduated from Imo State university last 3 years ago, I got a work as a customer service representative in a tech company.

My boss, PA Daniel started admiring me and asked me out to be his girlfriend. He was such a nice guy and reminded me of my late father, I dreamt about having kids with him severely too.

So, this made me fall for Daniel gradually.

After we started dating, Daniel broke my virginity and I was so happy about it because I love him so much.

One faithful evening, He invited me for a dinner and proposed to marry me, and of course I accepted his proposal. We got married by January 2023 and opened our own company.

Recently, Daniel’s lifestyle has changed drastically, he keeps late night, smokes, clubs and does all s*x styles.

Daniel knows I’m not the clubbing type yet he forces me to wear ashawo dresses, he also forces me to smoke, and even have s*x with him publicly.

I have tried talking to him several times but all to no avail. He wakes up to a new wired and wayward lifestyle which keeps me crying daily.

Living like this was never my prayer, but I’ve been managing this lifestyle since a year now and I’m no longer comfortable with it because it gets worse at days passes by.

To worsen situation, Daniel misbehaves in front of our only son, and child.

I’m angry at myself for falling so loose for an irresponsible guy after pretending to be a good man before marriage. I feel he deceived and took advantage of me.

I’m in the bid of running away with my son from marriage to a place I can find peace, but it’s not easy as it is against the will of God.

I keep praying daily and I believe God will surely understand my case.

Written by Precious Chimere.(Picture not same as image sharer)


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