How I landed on a wheel Chair after Cheating on my Pregnant Wife – Man Shares


Mr Adams a business man took his time to explain that whenever someone tells you I love you,It is advisable to ask questions on what he loves about you and his definitions about love.

He said being on the wheelchair today Is all my fault. I met my wife during her modelling photo-shoots. She looked so pretty I ask for her number and she gave me.

We started going out and later I asked her out. I promised her heaven and earth, I promised never to stop loving her, I promised never to cheat on her….

Years later we got married and my wife became pregnant, due to my work I had to travel for 6 months. We did video calls and I made sure to send her money.

She would go for her antenatal and give me doctor’s report via phone call.

After the 6 months I came home, met her looking so dark and lean, from that moment she started irritating me.

I could not even see myself having sex with her, because she told me the doctor said she needs to have regular sex to make delivery smooth.

I started avoiding her, I was irritated, one day I took my phone and called our doctor I asked him If there was any treatment, drugs, cream or therapy we can use to make my wife beautiful during pregnancy the doctor told me there was absolutely nothing he can do.

He told me that during pregnancy women changes, that some get lean, get stretch marks, fat and even spit at intervals.

But I ignored the doctor and continued avoiding my wife. Not too long during her 8 month of the pregnancy I started seeing someone else.

Gradually I started cheating on my wife, 9 months came and It was time for delivery, she struggled so hard that It became Impossible for her to give birth by herself.

I signed the CS papers and she went through It and gave birth to a boy. But the baby had congenital heart disease.

The baby needed to be treated and I completely Ignored the doctor, I refused to pay for the operation. I continued with seeing the other lady.

One fateful day, the baby had Issues, he was rushed to our family hospital the doctors tried their possible best but we lost our child.

Immediately I got a phone call from my wife that our baby had died I rushed from where I was and while driving I was involved In a car accident.

Now I can’t walk again am currently on a wheelchair my wife has threatened to pack out of the house , I have been begging her,but she has refused, she said I killed our son due to the fact that I was always complaining about her looks.

She said It Is time for payback for all have done to her during pregnancy and after the birth of our child.

But she only promised to stay with me on one condition, and the only condition Is If I myself can go back to the way I was before which Is not possible. I can’t walk again.

I need advice on how to beg and make her stay please.


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