I Think I am Unlucky With Men, Lady Cries Out and Shares Her Story

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Lady Cries out after realizing she has been going in a circle with regards to men in her life.

See her story:

It’s been eleven months I walked away from my previous relationship. It has not been easy moving on but now I felt I should give love another try because my family are hoping I settle down soon.

I found myself in three guys life. The first one, which I love so much doesn’t understand my feeling and he is self-centered. He doesn’t care about what I think, all he want is his opinion to be right. That is not even the problem, I don’t see him as ambitious man. He is a graduate and still seeking a job.
I understand that he is not yet employed as my part I started thinking for a way to help him get a job. I even joined job vacancy groups for his sake. I will always forward link that are related to his field to him but I discovered that he is not applying. I am thinking maybe because his father is Rich that’s why he is not serious.
All he want is, going to club and flirting. There was a time, he wanted to go down with me and I refused. I am scared of getting pregnant for someone who is not financially ready. Ever since,he stopped calling and checking on me. I was hurt a little.
The second guy, I met him on WhatsApp sometimes ago. We came down to my state for this sallah celebration. I decided to meet him, I don’t trust the fact that he is single. I am doubting that he is not married. Now, I didn’t tell him my real name and anything true about me.
I don’t know how to start with that if I eventually see that he is serious about me. When I visited him, he also made sexual advances to me, which I refused. He didn’t speak to me till I left his place that day. Now I am thinking that all guys want sex.
Eventually, he called saying that rubbish him by not allowing him to touch me. I told him that I am not into such relationship. I have not heard from him since then.
The third guy, is married and has two children. When I met him, I never knew he is married but I secretly like him. When I discovered that he is married, I pull myself from him.
Just recently, he is making some approaches that he really loves me that I shouldn’t mind that he is married. I told him I fear the law of karma, I don’t want to hurt his wife so that someone wont hurt me too. His advances is intimidating.
Also saying he want an understandable relationship with no pregnancy.
I was even thinking that I am not lucky with men. Maybe there is something I am not doing. I make sure I came out with an excellent grade in school, I learnt skills, I don’t club nor party. I just want love with no stress.
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