True Life Story of Groom And His Family Who Were Chased Out Of His Own Wedding

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It was an interesting day as a young man witnessed firsthand how groom, his family and well wishers were chased away from his own wedding. Here is how it all went down.

This is his shared story:

 I decided to follow my elder brother to his friends wedding and everything seems to be going quite well until a major interruption.

As the wedding commenced,people were dressed in their various asoebi’s and various entertainment were been served to guests and everything seems to be going on well.The major brouhaha all began when it was time to properly joined the couple as one,a certain rugged and fiercely looking man stood up and asked everyone to vacate the vicinity if they don’t want to go back to their various destinations with body injuries and on a closer look at him and his cohorts,they were well prepared and meant business.

People began to whiz immediately for their dear lives and the place was empty within few minutes we headed for the hotels but decided to go see the groom and dig further to know what might have warranted all this embarrassment.

It was discovered that the whole chaos was caused by the paternal family of the bride who were outrightly cut out of the wedding plans hence their anger. According to the bride’s mum,she see no reason why she should involve the bride’s paternal family since they completely abandoned her and her kids when their father died long time ago and she was only able to train her kids through the help of her elder sister and her husband(who acted as the father of the bride).

When the hint of the upcoming wedding got to the bride’s paternal family,they had their own plans and they struck on the wedding day.The confused groom was oblivious of all this hidden plans by his mother inlaw until yesterday.Tongues wagged and the bride’s mom seems to be at the receiving end,people have condemed her actions,but is the bride’s paternal family actions right?Now that the wedding has been cancelled,what would you advise the groom to do?


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