I h*te my Mum because she k*lled my Dad, Lady narrates story

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Mrs olabamiji folayemi(not same as picture) narrates why she despises her mum stating all the havoc she caused, her Immoral life and murderous nature. 

See her story:

My mum is not a mother every child should wish for.
Her bad ways led to the death of my father and senior sister.

When I was quite young, my dad was a man every woman would wish for but every time my dad goes to work mum would always bring in series of men”.

One fateful day one of the men who do visit my mum, came and did not meet her at home
He then saw my senior sister at home and raped her, this was quite annoying but we waited for mum to return home.

As soon as mum was home, my sister told mum and guess what she “lie that you didn’t enjoy it”.
This was the most annoying thing ever and therefore led my senior sister to abort the child because it resulted into pregnancy.

This same man, one day came to our house and was with my mum then my dad came in and met him on his matrimonial bed. On seeing this my dad was shocked and he fainted.

Shockingly, my mum and her boyfriend had to suffocate my dad with a pillow and killed my dad not knowing we saw the whole incidence but were too young to know what to do.

I grew up with this thoughts and imagination and hate my life presently and wish I can kill that woman.


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