House Of Reps Pass Bill Making PHCN Estimated Billing A Criminal Offence

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PHCN officials are now currently going round to take inventory of all existing *Old Meters* in view of the *February 28th deadline* from *NERC – The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission* that all *DISCO’s Electricity Distribution Companies* should provide and install *Electronic Prepaid Meter* to all subscribers *Free of any charge.* before the said date or face severe sanctions…

Nigerians have suffered enough from being robbed by faceless corrupt officials via the inhuman *Estimated Billing System* where you pay for what you don’t use.
It is better to have the prepaid meter and not have light than to have light without prepaid meter.
The logic is simple, if you have the prepaid meter it means you will only pay for what you use. No estimated bills, no cutting of light, no stealing from you, no nonsense and if they don’t supply power FINE! they will not make any money from you.
Our problem with PHCN in Nigeria is not power supply, let that sink in…
Our problem is internal administration (The running of the company). The solution is proper administration.
With prepaid meter PHCN will sit up and begin to perform because they will know that if they don’t supply power they will not make free money.
They know this, that’s why they continue to sabotage the whole thing so that they will continue with the robbery which is the estimated billing system, over charging users and getting fat.
Like the telecoms companies, who have to supply network or else no money for them if people do not use up their airtime and data.
Nigerians must stop asking for power supply, that is not the solution 
*INSIST ON YOUR PREPAID METER IT IS YOUR RIGHT!* and the solution to the massive looting going on among the Electricity Distribution Companies.
*A message from… NERC*


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