Sowore Exclusion From Presidential Creating Unrest in Supporters

The NEDG/BON Presidential debate has been condemned by many for the exclusion of Sowore is has become a candidate of many in Nigeria. Here is a long statement released by a concerned supporter….
“I did not watch the NEDG/BON presidential debate for a second.
The decision to exclude Sowore made nonsense of the debate. We went to court to seek justice but the judicial system failed us.
Our lawsuit against NEDG/BON was kept in abeyance without a determination. We did all that was legally required but the system failed us.
The whole Nigerian establishment is rotten and needs a revolutionary leadership.
Buhari stayed away. Atiku boycotted it. Sowore was excluded without any justification.
Was there really a presidential debate?
Those who conspired to exclude Omoyele Sowore should cover their heads in shame.
Sowore has campaigned across the country for votes more than the three candidates who were on the debate platform today. Yet, the corrupt establishment excluded him because they know that Sowore is the only true voice of change in this election.
We will never beg evil political actors who feel that they own Nigeria. This is a fight of a lifetime. Those who are comfortable with the status quo can continue making silly excuses.
But those of us who have taken the revolutionary path are unapologitic in our resolve to rescue this country from the ruinous path that the so-called leading political parties have chosen.”


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