My Sis wants to harm me becos I’m getting married to a rich man- Sorrowful Lady shares.

My name is Adanna(picture not thesame as the story sharer), and I’m from Enugu state. Recently, my elder sister, Nkem, swore to harm me because I’m getting married to a rich man.

I and Nkem have been best friends since when we were only kids, and mummy always made sure everything she bought for Nkem, she bought for me as well.

We were so close that people mistook us for twins. But, along the way, Nkem got engaged and her wedding was supposed to happen two years ago, but the man pulled out. This slipped her into depression, and I was always there to comfort and console her.

Fast forward to last year, Nkem got into relationship with another guy until he lost his job and started giving flimsy excuses why the relationship can’t work out.

Last year I met Mike, before I went for NYSC, and he declared his intentions towards marrying me. I rejected him at first because I wasn’t in the right mind to handle a man yet, especially when my sister was going through a lot.

Mike has been persistent in his show of love towards me until I couldn’t resist him anymore and he proposed to me in February this year.

Around March, Mike came along with his family to make their intentions known to my parents, and everything went smoothly.

My wedding was fixed for August, and now my elder sister brought in Kolanut and swore that she would do anything and everything to harm me if I marry Mike because he’s rich.

I’m confused and don’t know what to do, please help me.


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