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My husband Beats and Rapes me, but its a taboo to leave your husband in my Village – Woman shares.

I remember the day my life shattered like a mirror dropped on the floor. The shards of my soul scattered everywhere, and I was left to pick up the pieces. My name is Opeyemi(Picture not the same as the story sharer), and this is my story.

I thought I had it all – a loving husband, a beautiful home, and a life filled with promise. But behind the mask of happiness, I was living a lie. My husband never appreciated me and always compared me to other sexy ladies. I thought he was joking, but unbeknownst to me, he had already started sleeping with other women on our matrimonial bed.

The day I caught him cheating with a curvy lady, he showed no remorse. Instead, he body-shamed me, saying I was no longer as sexy as when he married me. In my village, women are considered slaves and aren’t permitted to divorce, so I couldn’t tell my parents what was going on in my marriage.

I was six months pregnant with my first child, and it wasn’t easy for me to struggle to earn enough to fund my needs. My husband stopped providing food or anything for me after I discovered his infidelity. I started making a plan, saving up money, and finding a place to stay with my unborn child. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but I did it.

When I finally packed my things, ready to leave, my husband stopped me, and we got into a fight. He pushed me, and I lost my baby. My husband then called people from my village to lie to them, saying a man had given me a house to stay in. They gave me a quick warning to remain in my husband’s house or face the wrath of the consequences women face in my village if they leave their husband’s house.

Out of fear, I remained in my husband’s house, but he rapes me every day and beats me up. I’m scared because this isn’t the man I married two years ago. Please save me; I’m dying.”


One thought on “My husband Beats and Rapes me, but its a taboo to leave your husband in my Village – Woman shares.

  1. I think you should go far away from him don’t tell anyone leave your clothes there run for ur life

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