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After Forcing Me To Take Hard Drugs To Slim, He has Ended Our 7 Yrs Relationship Saying I’m Too Skinny – Angry Lady Shares.

I grew up in Ijebu Ode, with my siblings and was lucky to get everything I wanted as the last born amongst 6 siblings.

This influenced my body size when growing up. But, I loved my big body.

I always felt proud of my intimidating body size because of the numerous bullies I met in school, until I met Tunde.

Tunde and I started dating when I was barely 18 years and my siblings were okay with my sleeping over at his house, given to the freedom they believed a teen should have. But, Tunde wasn’t who they saw him as.

At 18 years, I was already introduced to different types of hard drugs. That’s because Tunde always administered drugs to help reduce my body size. According to him, I was too big for him in bed.

After rigorous drug abuse, I slimmed and started looking like a sick patient, but Tunde felt proud of my new look until last week Saturday when he sent a useless text message to me that he can no longer go on with the relationship.

Tunde called off our seven years relationship on the claims that I’m too skinny to move around him. He further told me that his friends recently mocked him that he’s dating a dry shell, and that’s why he couldn’t continue the relationship anymore.

To worsen it, recently I’ve been having series of blood flows at which I checked at the hospital yesterday and found out that I had lost my womb as a result of the effects of the drugs.

I’m now empty without a man, or a womb. I will never forgive Tunde for ruining me.

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