True Life Story

I just found out the man I’m about to marry once r*ped my sister-Lady shares her sad story

My sister Chi, is very beautiful, smart, elegant, sexy woman, attracting the attention of every guy who laid eyes on her.

Chi was waylaid and raped in her third year at ESUT, on her way to the canteen one evening. Following the incident, Chi lost herself completely; she could barely talk or concentrate on her studies. Traumatic dreams haunted her, and her mental health suffered.

Chi was taken to General Hospital Enugu for psychiatric treatment, where she stayed for more than a year. Her academics suffered and she eventually gave up her education as an after effect of the rape.

In a heartbreaking revelation, I recently discovered the truth. My fiance(Mike) raped my sister. A guy who I’ve never met and who insists on staying anonymous approached me at my workplace, showing me pictures and videos of my so-called fiancé caught in the act of raping my sister.

Initially skeptical, I had to believe the full story after hearing it from the unknown guy. He mentioned he had recorded them and identified the particular canteen my sister always referred to in one of her traumatic dreams.

This revelation has left me grappling with a profound sense of betrayal and undoubtedly added a layer of complexity to my impending marriage. The emotional toll of such a discovery has prompted me to share my painful story with the hope of finding support and understanding.

Now, I’m torn between confronting Mike or simply leaving. What should I do?


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