True Life Story

How I got promoted at work because I caught my Boss having S*x with a Cleaner, Man shares

My name is David, I’m an IT Professional in a Tech company located in the heart of Abuja.

One faithful evening at my workplace while I was just about leaving the office, something pretty unusual happened that got me promoted.

It all kicked off when I accidentally saw my boss having sex with our cleaner in his office.

My boss saw that I caught them already, so Instead of telling everyone about it, my boss asked me to keep it a secret.

After that, work felt different like my boss and I had this special secret bond.

And you know what’s surprising? Keeping this big secret somehow led to a promotion. Yes, I got a better job! I was instantly promoted to the Executive Director… just to keep a secret

Feeling happy about the new job but also a bit confused about how it all happened, work turned into this mix of hidden mysteries and secret handshakes.

Going up the job ladder now meant I had to keep that big secret safe.

My work story became like an exciting journey through twists and turns in office friendships.

Getting a better job was tied to keeping a surprising and strange secret.

Thinking about the ups and downs of work friendships, I realized my job journey was a unique story.

Even though getting promoted made me feel good, there was a little uncomfortable feeling.

It reminded me that reaching success at work can be like a tricky dance between being open and keeping some things a secret.

My story showed how work is a mix of different things, where getting ahead and keeping secrets go hand in hand to shape how my job journey unfolded.

Written by Nwachukwu Precious


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