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My Sister’s husband is begging me for S*x, I deny him but I Might allow him soon – Lady Shares her fears

My name is Amarachi, I’m 22 yrs old from Anambra state, in the south east region.

After grieving the recent loss of my parents, I had to sought refuge with my only remaining family.

I had recently moved in with my sister, Chisom and her Husband, Mark.

Mark, a well-respected teacher at the urban school in town, had graciously taken on the responsibility of sponsoring me in my studies, I am currently in year 2.

However, as sessions progressed, I became increasingly uneasy because I started noticing the strange signals from my sister’s husband

Sometimes he spanks my ass and pretends it was a mistake.

Sometimes he visits me in school, takes me out and spend a lot of money on me as if I’m his girlfriend.

He mostly buys me tight and skimpy clothes so he can see my figure 8 and get sexually aroused.

One faithful evening, as I was sleeping in my room I heard some footsteps coming close to my bedside, I was so tired, weak and lazy to open my eyes immediately because I was enjoying my sleep.

Not long after, I felt a hand carousing and romancing my laps and bum.

I immediately opened my eyes to see my In-law all over me with so much eagerness to have s*x with me.

He starting moaning and asking me not to shout, I didn’t oblige rather I kept on removing his hands until I saw that won’t solve the problem.

Out of fear, I chatted my friend, Stella about it, only to see that my sister read the chats as well

I was ashamed to let her find such a despicable thing, especially now that she’s almost due for delivery of her baby

After confronting her husband, he denied that it was due to the influence of alcohol

I’m afraid he’ll continue to seduce me, and I might fall for it


By Precious Chimere


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