The Day I Got Married Was The Day I Ceased To Exist, Lady shares emotional story

It was difficult for me to love any other guy after my first break-up

I felt guys were scams, ready to leach unto people and leave them empty

What more was I expecting from Mark, my ex’s best friend?

He knew how broken I was from my last relationship, and promised to be different

Apparently, I wasn’t planning to believe any guy again, not after I aborted severally for my ex, only for him to get married to another girl

It all started the day I got home weak, and depressed from my ex boyfriend’s wedding

I knew I wasn’t supposed to go there, but I felt I had the strength to cope, only for me to wake up, and find myself in a hospital

But surprisingly, Mark stayed with me throughout, hugging me at any slightest instability I exhibited

The doctor told him I needed immediate medical attention and care, and he offered to give it, despite his indifference to me

This man decided to marry me in my condition, to appease my heart that felt heavy for being unmarried at 24

He’s been cooking for me, and tolerating all my tantrums, until I fully recovered

I woke up this morning to see our home decorated with flowers, only for me to see this man on his knees with a ring in his hand, to remarry him

Despite my hatred for men, Mark is different. Surprisingly, the day I married him was the day I Ceased to exist, because I surrendered my world to him


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