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She Committed Su*cide Due to 20 years barrenness not Knowing She was Pregnant – True Story

A woman shared this touching story of her neighbor.

This is her story:

I had lived with a particular neighbor, who was crying to God for the past 20 years for a baby.

She said after several attempt to get pregnant, my neighbor resolved to just copulating with her husband and not hope anymore.

But one day, she observed her stomach was troubling her as she was also throwing up at intervals. Out of joy, thinking she had finally got her miracle baby went to the market, decorated the house and prepared a sumptuous meal before the return of her husband.

When her husband returned home, she shared the news joyfully and even came to our apartment to invite us over for dinner.

Meanwhile she had not confirmed it medically. I and my husband thought It was just a dinner not until she narrated to me.

The following day, she went to a nearby pharmacy and got a urine pregnancy test. After she got It, she did the test and It came out negative.

My neighbor out of shame of not knowing how to face her husband immediately swallowed poison. But before the poison took effect she had called me to come over to their apartment.

Then she told me yesterday the dinner we had was to celebrate her being pregnant, I smiled and congratulated her, but she told me she just did her a urine test now and It came out negative.

Not long after consoling her, I noticed she was In pains then I rushed to her table, took her car keys, called the gate-man to assist me In carrying her to the car.

We got to the hospital and treatment was administered to her then I called her husband to meet us there. After doctors tried their best In the hospital, she died. The doctor then told me she had died of poison in the body but that she died with her pregnancy because their test shows she was actually pregnant.

In shock I told the doctor she was not pregnant but the doctor asked me how I knew she wasn’t , I told him she had told me she did PT that it was negative.

The husband whom I had called earlier joined us there at the hospital in tears and pain but I left for the house and checked my neighbor’s sitting room again then I saw the urine test and noticed the lines were actually two. One thick and the the second a light line.

It was then I knew she had not noticed the second line so sad. I learnt my own lesson too, after two years of her death, I made sure I waited patiently for mine as I too had no child, so I did both urine and medical blood test.

But I really missed my neighbor.


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