Lady removed 5 ribs and Small Intestine to have Tiny Waist – See Story

Controversial Gambian Actress, Princess Shyngle who have been highly critisized for undergoing a surgery for having very tiny waist have revealed how she she got the feat.
She revealed this in an Instagram post below:
“5 ribs removed ��� 5 more to go ���� small intestines removed � remaining the big intestines � gat to remove all these ribs �� who ribs ep � you call me fake I call myself a work of art �� #teamnowaist #melaninpoppin #princessshyngle #blackisbeautiful #saynotobleaching #gambianprincess #justforlaughs
Social media users have criticised her action some calling her an alien while others call her foolish saying she is not better than somebody who bleached to look beautiful.
Comments have proven that its not necessary to go to such extreme just to be beautiful or attractive to men.


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