True Story of Corruption as it concerns Nigeria – Must Read !

“Something has become clear. Many who talk about corruption are not actually concerned about anti-corruption but just want to see their “enemies” jailed “by all means”.
Many who talk about good governance don’t really care about a better Nigeria but just want to see their preferred candidates and party in government.
You will notice that while they are shouting about corruption, once their “man” has a case to answer, they either keep quiet or start reeling out excuses. But they want others roasted even without trial. And when their preferred candidate is fumbling in office, they either keep quiet or find all the reasons to defend inefficiency and lack of vision.
Watch out! Most of those who used to celebrate Boko Haram attacks, missing Chibok girls, and other bad news about the nation  have become “born-again patriots” who want us to “pray for Nigeria and believe in Nigeria”, while those on the opposite side have made it their duty to spread bad news about Nigeria.
Those who never used the Nigerian flag on their vehicles are now doing so, while those on the other side may have stopped using the Nigerian flag.
That is why two governors will be unable to pay salaries but one is condemned while excuses are given for the other. Two presidents will allocate N1 billion or more for feeding, one is condemned and one is justified. Two politicians will use over 200 million naira to buy bulletproof cars, one is condemned but one is justified. Two politicians will allocate 100 million for one website creation, one is praised the other is excused. Two governors will allocate 2 houses in Abuja and Lagos as well as 4 cars every 4 years to themselves as pension, one is condemned, the other justified or treated with silence.
To a large extent, it is not about the betterment of Nigeria but the betterment of “my” party or ethnic group. That is why the revival of Nigeria is far off.”


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