True Story of Man who was Duped by Social Media Female Friend

A LinkedIn User Chinedu Junior took time out to share his touching story describing how a Lady he thought was genuine and real duped me and ran off leaving no trace.

Here is his story:

I was scammed.

She posed to be a friend.

We’ve had calls twice but I never knew she was up to something.

She reached out to me and asked for a help.

To be candid,

I wasn’t having much on me but I trusted her.

I had no problem emptying my account to help her.

She promised to refund two days after.

I asked if that was enough.

She said it would be okay.

I wired.

She called next day, “You were right. It wasn’t.”

I said no problem and wired again.

Two days gone.

Three days.

One month and now six months.

No call or text.

“What happened?” I asked after six months.

She said the cheque a client gave her kept bouncing back.

“For six months?” I asked.

She said she’d refund in two days.

Today makes it two months.

Eight months in total.

“Do cheque bounce for eight months?” I asked myself.

I tried to call her but not connecting.

I searched for her on LinkedIn.

She’s blocked me.

Aha! That was a smart move.

What do I have to say, “Thanks for teaching me another lesson about life.”

May God forgive you.

May you find peace in Him.

You might have scammed me eight months ago,

But I can’t stop counting my blessings.

I keep going 👠 like Pamela


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