The Beef Story of Black-Face and Tu-Face

Former Nigerian pop group Plantashun Boyz which consisted of 2face (now known as 2Baba), Blackface and Faze has been regarded as the group that pioneered the Nigerian pop sound that has now been refined to become the golden sound that is called the ‘African sound’.

The group was eventually dissolved and since their split, 2Baba and Blackface have had several public fallouts; with Black being the vocal part and seeming instigator of the spinoffs.
Where does this beef stem from? 
2000 – 2004:  Brief Backstory
The group was formed during their college years in Enugu while they were students at the Institute Of Management And Technology (I.M.T Enugu). Plantashun Boyz reigned supreme between 2000 to 2004 when they eventually broke up – a move that shattered the hearts of their fanbase. Since their split, which was supposedly caused by several internal disagreements and fallouts, 2Face Idibia who now goes by 2Baba has had the most successful solo career – one that cannot be matched by any other member of the defunct group. 
This decade-long split has been followed by several messy accusations – right after their split, Black Face and Faze had accused 2Baba of betrayal and theft; claiming that 2Baba’s solo breakthrough hit ‘African Queen’ was a property of Plantashun Boiz, asserting that 2Baba absconded with the record as soon as the group was dissolved and released it without the approval of Faze or Black Face. While Faze eventually let go of his sentiments and patched things up with 2Face, Black Face has continued to be frienemies with Idibia.
2007: Plantanshun Boiz Reunited
In 2007, the trio squashed their beef and reunited for a new album titled Plan B. The eleven track project which contained hits like; Ocean of Passion was distributed by T Joe. The project fell part as none of the former friends seemed particularly excited about it.
2013: Blackface Was Absent from 2Baba’s Wedding
2Baba tied the knot with Annie Macauley and Blackface was conspicuously missing from the ceremony. On why he didn’t make it to the wedding, Blackface disclosed that he wasn’t invited. 2Baba however countered his claim during an interview on Rubbin Minds – citing that Blackface was invited- at least to the traditional wedding in Calabar.
2014: Plantashun Boiz Suprise Performance
During the grand finale of the 2014 Hennessy Artistry  2Baba who ended the show, ‎surprised guests by bringing up members of his former boy band, Plantainshun Boiz onstage and they performed a medley of their classics, Plantashun Boiz, Don’t You Know, Cousin’s Cousin, Knock Me Off to the delight of eager fans. That brief moment did not last for long however…
2016: Black Face Accused 2Baba of Theft
y not ask dat u wana record my song?I was out in d wilderness n u never called becos u wish me dead so my properties be urs? @official2baba
— BlackFaceNaija (@Blackfacenaija) January 25, 2016

Black Face took to twitter on the 25th of January 2016, of theft claiming that 2Baba’s collaboration with American singer Bridget Kelly ‘Let Somebody Love You’ was written by him. 2Baba soon reacted to the accusations during an interview on Channels TV; It is just so unfortunate. I do not know where it is coming from (but) I am trying to think of different reasons’, he said.
2017: Black Face Accuses 2Baba Once Again
During a recent interview on the Loose Talk Podcast, Black Face opined that his former partner, 2Baba, was past his best and has not done anything outstanding since he left Plantashun Boyz.
He also accused 2baba of having done little to help the music industry grow over the past few years since the break up of the group.
2Baba however, immediately responded to Black Face’s assertion urging him to get in the booth and make music if he truly has all the answers he claims to possess.

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