Lagos Girl shares her Ghetto Story – Quite Touching

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Lagos girl who wishes to be addressed as Geminita shared her Ghetto Story.

See Her Story:

First born like us na responsibilities dey rush us

I am the first born of my parents and parents are kinda old now.. I have just one Lil sister.. I hope to make life easier for my family…

Growing up in the ghetto is something that I can’t just……….. I don’t know what to say..
I grew up/still growing in one of the most popular ghetto in Lagos..
a place where rolling � dice and playing cards is the hobby of young fellows
a place where poverty exist
a place where young girls with promising future turn bad..
a place where burnt offering is being offered to God in form of smoking weed..
a place where the environment is uncomfortable
but we are still happy
a place where happiness lie irrespective of the condition..
a place where life is seen differently
a place where I can’t raise my children

But what can I do?? I found myself there already .
my parents never raised me as a ghetto shild(Jennifer’s voice). I have everything I wanted even though they ain’t enough
I live in GHETTO but GHETTO doesn’t live in me..

Sometimes,environment might want to play a part in my life but I always try to train myself and know what I stand for.. I don’t want to jeopardize my future for anything.

I have made some mistakes in the past and I will never repeat them again. I have rolled with mischievous friends but thank God it wasn’t too late before I came back to my senses..

life isn’t fair and at the same time life is still beautiful �..

PS : am a young girl with promising future..


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