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How I Discovered That My Two Kids are not Mine After Twelve Years of Marriage – Man Shares Shocking Story

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Mr dayo who resides In lagos has accused his wife of adultery, after he discovered two out of their three children his wife of 12years produced were not his.

He said recently he has been suspecting his wife of adultery, and that moved him to go for a DNA test on the children,which proved his suspicion correct.

He said ‘I got married to a wrong woman twelve years ago,and we had 3 kids. Two boys and a girl.
Our first child ( a boy)Is 11years old. I have been suspecting her for some time now.

We have been having Issues recently, our families and friends have help us reconcile but she kept on insulting me and my family members,an attitude she developed over night.

Initially she stole from my savings about a million naira and ran away with our kids, I started searching for her and persuaded her family to help me beg her to return home because nothing is so important to me than the kids safety with her.

I don’t even want to know why she stole the money, I just wanted them home. She returned home at the beginning of it,
Her stealing hobby never stopped rather increased.

Another time came she stole again and left with the kids, they later returned home and I asked the kids where their mother took them. The kids said at one uncle’s place.

This time around she has left the house again with my daughter and the other two kids that are not mine. I don’t even know where to look for her, I don’t know the mystery man’s house.

I know she will be back again but this time I don’t want her again I just need my daughter.


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