Is My Husband Cheating On me ? He has Stop Taking Me To Club – Lady Shares

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Mrs Diya who is just 1 year 6 months In her marriage said, My husband whom I met at a party knew everything about me before we went further into marriage.

The first day we met I told him things about me and laid emphasis on the fact that I love clubbing. He also told me he loves clubbing, as time passed I told him other things about me.

Everything was going fine In our relationship, we go clubbing together every Fridays. To my greatest surprise after we got married not even up to two weeks he started going out alone without me.

He would go clubbing with his friends and leave me alone at home. I felt he needed time alone with the boys so I decided not to complain.

It going to two years now, He still doesn’t allow me follow him to club even after series of attempt to dress up on Fridays to follow him he would ask me to make up properly and take my time but before I finish with the make-up he would have stylishly left the house.

At times I wake him up In the midnight to ask him why he stopped taking me with him to club,he would say am now a married woman.

This matter has caused me my best friend,my best friend who happens to be in a relationship with my husband boss,has called my notice to how my husband has been advising her fiancé ( my husband boss)to also stop taking her to club because they are about to get married.

Now my friend fiancé has also yielded to the advice my husband gave to him. And this has also caused so much misunderstanding between my friend and her fiancé as my friend is used to going out with her man.

Though am less concerned about another person’s home, I just need to solve mine.

Please I need advice. Does being a married woman stops me from going to club with my husband?
Or Is It that my husband is cheating on me?


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