Horrible Fact about Street Beggars you Never Knew

Begging is fast becoming a money making business today in Nigeria,
In the past, beggars were mostly Fulani’s and Hausa’s who came all the way from the North to the Southwest moreover nowadays the story has changed. We now have “corporate beggars” who dress in lovely dresses atimes suit and tie and claim to be going somewhere or coming from somewhere and then stranded due to theft or insufficient cash at hand or ATM card not working.

Sources have identified several associated with different bus-stops in Lagos, and allege  that some of them even steal from you when you don’t give them while others(females) are willing to sleep with you to get money.

An anonymous informant claimed that some of the ladies stand at bus-stops as though they want to board a bus but seduce guys around and ask for money or at least a chance to follow them home and get paid in return. Such a pathetic situation !

It was reported that somewhere around yaba there use to be a young Lady  who dresses in suit and carries files as if she wants to go for an Interview but she isn’t rather people see her almost everyday asking for help to get to Interview Venue.

Information gathered was that the Lagos state government at a point raided the streets and picked up some of them taking them off the streets but it seems thats an adventure of the past. We hope this begging menace would be cobbed in Lagos state soonest.


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