Nigeria Ranked Among Top Countries with Highest Web Traffic From Mobile Phones

Lol. Its Like the only thing we know how to do. You walk on the street and lo you find every eye looking down, you enter a bus and find same thing (eyes looking down), you get to even the church and find most of the audience looking down not just on the Bible but carefully strolling through their mobiles.

Realistically, our Looking down has paid off as we are now ranked highest on the use of mobile for web and Internet.

@spectatorindex: Web traffic from mobile phones, 2018.

Nigeria: 81%
India: 79%
Indonesia: 72%
South Africa: 71%
Saudi: 64%
Turkey: 62%
China: 61%
South Korea: 47%
US: 41%
Mexico: 40%
UK: 38%
Germany: 37%
France: 34%
Brazil: 32%
Japan: 27%
Russia: 21%


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