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How a Secondary School Girl snatched my husband from me – Angry woman shares

I have been married for 5 years now and we have a son. My husband who is about 40 is really confusing me to be sincere.


We live in an estate where everyone minds his/her business and my husband is a business man so most times he will be at home while I go my boutique where I sell fashion outfits.


It so happened that I came home quite early that day and saw my husband in the sitting room with a secondary school girl on uniform, nothing was happening then so I welcomed her and asked my husband who she was, he replied that her parents stay in this estate but they moved abroad and that she will Join them soon but wants to finish her school first.


Actually mere looking at this girl I was not comfortable because she was very very pretty and quite busty and then to worsen it all, her uniform was so short. Well, I just told myself that she is too young to try anything funny.


Funny enough I realized that on several occasion when I will be returning from the shop, the girl will be coming out of our compound and she will greet me Innocently. I confronted my husband but he kept saying she is just fond of us and our family and that she needs a family so she wont be lonely.


One lucky day, I decided to return home very very early without telling my husband but I ensured that schools have closed. That was the day I saw this girl pant down with my husband. They did not know I was around, I did not knock, I just opened the room window and snapped them then came to the door and knocked.


I and my husband had a strong quarrel that day because I was about to use a turning stick to break her head. As I speak now its over 2 weeks now, I have not seen my husband neither have I seen the girl too in the estate.


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