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He is so Disgusting & a Parrot – Nigerian Lady Shares her Horrible First Date Experience



See her story:

His spoon reached out to my plate, and he cut a piece of my moi-moi.
I looked up from my phone.

“Not bad.” He said as he nibbled on it. “You would have told me it is sweet so I would have gotten moi-moi too.”
He held up his spoon. “See how I mistakenly carried spoon instead of fork.” He said. “You see why I said next time you will serve me. Women know these things better.”

I was still quiet, even though my fists were clenched beneath the table.

“This their spoon is even too big for my mouth.” He continued. “You would have carried this their big spoon for yourself. Girls eh. You people have tiny mouth but it can still stretch and fit big big things.”

I had enough for one afternoon. Thankfully my meal was still untouched by me. He had already started eating it so he was free to have it all since he doesn’t know how to talk and when to just shut up and eat.

I blocked his phone no and got up.

“Please, don’t ever call me again.” I told him quietly. I couldn’t be bothered with his facial expression as I took my leave.
It’s too early in the year for nonsense


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