P.A Shares Story of How His Female Director Threatened to Sack Him For Denying Her S*x

A man who works as a PA has taken to social media to cry out for help after his Director at work threatened to sack him for denying her sex.

In his narration on a Facebook group, the man identified as Frank Onyekachukwu stated that he started as a driver in the organization, despite being a graduate. He was driving the manager before he was assigned to the director who found out he was a graduate and then elevated him to the position of a Personal Assistant.

She however wanted him to sleep with her so he could keep his job

I have a problem at my place of work and I don’t know how to handle it. I was employed in a company last two years as a driver though am a graduate of chemical engineer but based on that’s no job in the country I have to accept the driving job in other to survive.

I was a driver to the manager of the company for 6months and from there I got to know the director of that company a ( WOMAN ) but she is a widow, one faithful evening the company had a board meeting in EKO HOTEL which ended up around 11pm and director didn’t come with her driver that night then the manager told me to drive the director home that 9it that he can drive himself.

I did as he told me which the director started using me as her own personal driver for 2months bfor she got to know that am a graduate and she changed my position from driver to her personal assistant and pays me very well as a graduate and employed another driver.

My major work now is to follow her with company’s documents when ever she is going for a meeting within the country.

The issues now is that she is forcing me into sleeping with her which I turned her down several times and she threatened me to resign or she will sack me by herself if I didn’t agree with her conditions from the company.

The story is much but because of time I have to stop here.

Plz friends advise me on what to do am depressed right now.


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