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Man nicknamed “Changed Person” (Not same in Picture) shared this story:
I’ve been addicted to masturbation for many years now and I’ve finally decided to stop. I’ve decided to never masturbate ever again regardless of how sexually aroused I am. I believe the human spirit is powerful enough to withstand any compulsion whatsoever, no matter how strong. I am currently single and I don’t subscribe to the idea of getting a girlfriend to curb my sexual urges or visiting a brothel to have sex with a prostitute, given that I did all this during the many years I was addicted to masturbation and I still masturbated almost everyday. 
Due to the fact that my addiction to masturbation is tied strongly to my desire for sexual intercourse in whatever form it usually appears, I’ve also decided to stay away from any sexual relationship for a year. Maybe when I’ve developed enough self control then I might venture back into the world of dating. For now I just want to focus on my career, my eductation, improving my finances and developing myself physically, mentally and spiritually.
During the many years that I was addicted to masturbation I’ve realized a couple of things that I’ll like to share, besides the obvious fact that it’s a very unhealthy addiction. I’m not a very superstitious person but I’ve realized that whenever I masturbate, I usually have a lot of bad luck throughout that day. Things just don’t seem to work for me at all. My money making projects seem to fail and I make incredibly terrible decisions. I’ve observed this too many times to regard it as a mere coincidence.
This might sound bizarre but I’ve also noticed that whenever I masturbate whatever device I use tends to develop a fault that leads to me spending a lot of money to repair it. The content I usually use to masturbate(pornographic pictures and videos and pictures of women I find attractive) were stored in some hidden folder in my laptop, but because my laptop wasn’t always close by, I usually transferred them to my phone. I’ve noticed on more than four occasions that just immediately I masturbate my phone begins to malfunction. I don’t know if this is a variant of bad luck or just something that forces me to spend unnecessary money. 
For all the reasons stated, and just how unfulfilling and less of a man it makes me feel, I’ve decided to stop masturbating and I’ll use this diary to track my progress and hopefully inspire those struggling with this stupid addiction to join me in the struggle to end it. 
Everyday I’ll make a post to monitor my progress and give feedback on how well or how badly I’m doing in relation to the addiction.
It’s Day 1 and I’m home alone working on some projects. It’s during times like this that the desire to masturbate becomes irresistibly strong. I’ll try to muster enough will to resist the urges. It’s good that I’ve deleted all those sexually stimulating pictures and videos from my devices, although some haven’t been deleted from my memory yet, but I’ll try to channel my thoughts to something else if those memories eventually arise.

It’s DAY 2 and I haven’t masturbated. The compulsion to masturbate is definitely stronger than yesterday. And I have to admit that it gets stronger as I encounter sexually attractive women on the street or in my work place, and unlike pornography seeing these sorts of women in real life is something I can’t avoid. Hopefully I’ll make it through today without jerking off.

It’s DAY 3 and I haven’t masturbated. Over the last 10 years the longest I’ve ever gone without masturbating is 4 days. Hopefully I’ll exceed this shameful record.

It’s DAY 4 and I haven’t masturbated.

It’s Day 5 and I haven’t masturbated. If I make it through today without jerking off I’ll break my record of the longest amount of time I’ve gone without masturbating over the last 10 years.

It’s DAY 6 and I haven’t masturbated. I have finally surpassed my record and I intend to keep going.

It might be a bit early to say this but one thing the last six days have thought me is that in every human lies the capacity to overcome any addiction, and one of the most important keys to overcoming any harmful addiction is the internalization of the problem and the solution of the addiction. What this means is that if you have an addiction, you should acknowledge that you are the problem and the solution, and not anything external. I’m not trying to bullshit religion, but the reason why most people still struggle with masturbation is that whenever they feel the urge to masturbate, they turn to prayer or singing, calling on God to help them. I’m not saying this is wrong and I’m not saying this doesn’t have potency, what I’m saying is that this seems to me to be a suboptimal solution. I have learned over the last 6 days that in trying to overcome an addiction it’s more useful to believe in yourself and believe that your mind and spirit is strong enough to overcome the urge. And then you accompany that belief with the acknowledgement of the potential negative repercussions of continuous indulgence in your addiction. When you dwell on those negative effects and you constantly imagine what your life would be like if you continue indulging in your addiction, you will have more incentive to continue to persist in abstinence. For me what has helped me is that I constantly acknowledged that my life would be worse off if I continued masturbating. I constantly imagined the invariable effects of jerking off, especially when the urge was strongest. This is what has helped me. 

Day 7 and I haven’t masturbated. If anyone would have told me a month ago that I could go a week without masturbating, I would have laughed. But I’m actually doing it. Wow

It’s DAY 8 and I haven’t masturbated. Surprisingly enough, the urge to masturbate seems to be on a decline. The urge was strongest on day 5. Since then it seems to have decreased.


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