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I caught my husband with the Maid, I packed out and he Married her but now I wished I never left my Marriage – Woman Laments

My name is Toyin and I have this to share.

I got married just 2 years ago but because of my Job that is very very demanding I had to get a maid. I go to work at morning and come back late at night daily.

It wasn’t my fault, so I had to get a maid to help at home and cook too. Shockingly I came home early one day due to a severe headache I had at work and realized that my husband had been home early too and was having S*x with the maid. I first heard the sounds from outside then I moved closer to the window and heard it clearly. She was busy moaning on my own husband.

I banged the door angrily and they came to open Innocently. I rained hell down and right there I moved out my cloths and left the house for them. He tried to beg me but I refused to listen. I wanted to cool off my anger.

Unfortunately, after the left the house the next day my neighbour messaged me that she was passing by my sitting room and saw through the window that my husband was having serious S*x with this lady.

That infuriated me the more so I just knew he wasn’t going to change. I had some money so I just left the hotel to my a friend’s place. Our marriage was too young for all this for God sake so I thought he would come begging and repenting.

In just 3 weeks I heard he took the lady to Ikoyi registry and married her. This man didn’t divorce me yet o, I was still hoping to go home in the 4th week.

Men are wicked o… Walahi… I think I would be fine being single but I regret leaving that way, I would have instead sent her out at the spot.


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