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Pls help me, I get turned-on seeing my Pastor Preach, I might loose my control soon – Lady Confesses

See her story:

My name is Tomi, I attend a pentecostal church in Lagos. I think I have a problem or maybe its just me.

My Pastor is a married man with 2 kids but whenever I watch him preach, I get turned on. Because of this, I now sit in front and I don’t miss a single service neither do I come late, I am always very early.

I think I am obsessed. Sometimes when he is preaching I get so h*rny that I will have to rush out to the toilet and cool off. I am confused why its so.

I have a boyfriend but my Pastor is driving me crazy. I tried applying to be his P.A or Secretary but he won’t agree. I think I am hurting myself but I need help out of this misery.


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