Man Shares Story of How He Has Been Sleeping in Graves For 30 Years To Get Spiritual Power

Philip Mensah, is a 40-year-old man from the New Juaben Municipality of the Eastern Region of Ghana who has shocked people with his bizarre lifestyle.

The man revealed that he has spent 30 years with the dead in their damaged tombs, and according to him, he is taking all that step so as to gain spiritual powers.

A report on Adom News reveals that Mr. Mensah made the claim during an interview with Brty Fm, a Koforidua-based radio station.

In an interview, he revealed that in his quest to become spiritually powerful, he ended up under the tutelage of Togbe Azakli, a spiritualist at Anum Boso in the region, who ordered him to vacate his original place of abode to the broken tomb.

He disclosed that “my desire is to gain powers that will enable me to discover hidden secrets like how to tell when one will die, one’s future, how to retrieve stolen items, how to make spiritual money, among many others, made me pay heed to the advice of Togbe Azakli who directed me to spend time with the dead in their broken tombs to gain the spiritual powers that I have been wishing for over the past years.”

According to him, he successfully completed his stay with the dead in the tombs but landed into trouble after the ritual ceremony.

He said he has become addicted to sleeping in broken tombs ever since he completed his spiritual assignment.

Explaining further, Mr Mensah stated that though he attained the enormous powers, he has also cultivated a negative attitude that is negatively affecting his life.

“I cannot spend even two hours of my life without visiting a cemetery. I battle with different spirits, but I do not suffer any spiritual attack whenever I stay in my new home- cemetery.

“Life has become unbearable for me because I cannot even stay with the living and make money out of the powers I have. All efforts to stop this behaviour have proved futile. I am now living the life of the dead. I advise everybody to be cautious when it comes to issues of spiritualism, especially those that are not related to God.”


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