True Life Story

My Cousin Is So sexy That I Can’t Resist Him, Please Help Me-Lady narrates

A Nigerian lady residing in AkwaIbom has shared her story.

This is her story:

When dad introduced Mike to our family, I was skeptical at first. That’s because his looks were bland and boring.

Additionally, being a talkative, I always wanted Energertic people around me.

One day while he was dressing, the door was left unlocked. Normally, he had his room so I saw no reason for him to dress in the parlor, especially with the door unlocked.

I shouted at him for dressing in the parlor until I noticed his big gbola. I couldn’t talk again, but gulp my anxiety, before running out.

I started imagining my cousin naked before me everyday, and doing all manner of sorts. This continued until I couldn’t control myself.

Dad and Mom traveled last week and then we both took advantage of the opportunity to have s*x.

I’ve never seen any man that makes me feel like a woman like my cousin, and I know I’m wrong to think that way.

On a Saturday last two months, my cousin insisted we should have s*x without protection because he wanted to feel my skin and I agreed foolishly.

Now, it’s been a month that I can’t see my monthly flow. I’m afraid I’m pregnant.


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