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Please help, my husband is afraid of cockroaches he behaves like a woman – Lady Shares.

A Nigerian lady residing in Lagos, has shared this story.

See her Story:

My name is Omosi, and I met my husband at the gym I usually visited. To me, I saw a strong, sexy-looking young man I would want to spend my life with, and so I gave him signals that I was interested in him.

Eventually, we fell in love and got married.

I always believed men should be the protector of their homes and as I watched my dad while growing up, I knew I wanted my man to be as strong and protective as he was, which made me consider my husband as the perfect man for me.

My husband had always impressed me with the way he always had my back but right now with the way I am feeling, I think people didn’t just want to have issues with him because of how ripped he looked.

So one day as we were in the room getting ready for bed, PHCN did their thing and took light for a few minutes. As there was no light we heard sounds like something was in the room with us. As they brought the light, we saw a really big cockroach and my husband jumped on the bed screaming.

Even I that is scared of roaches could not be scared again. I just started laughing as he was screaming kill it! Kill it! He lost all his manly wit in my eye and I just see him as a girl. I had to look for his trouble after I killed the cockroach, chasing him with the dead roach.

Now I am afraid I don’t see him as a husband who would protect me instead I see him as a woman. Am I wrong?

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