True Life Story

How I caught My Fiance in Bed With Her Pastor who was meant to Conduct our Wedding – Angry man shares

I have always loved Precious so much to the extent of paying her fees from 100l till she graduated

I know I didn’t have enough money, but all I’ve ever done was to help her financially so she doesn’t rely on people outside or so bad things for money

I have always known Precious to be a very spiritually sound girl going from one night vigil to the other.

This continued until I caught her having s*x with a pastor

I had travelled and planned to come back in a week’s time, but something happened that cancelled my journey so I had to surprise her in the night to see her reaction until I caught her in the sinful act.

To worsen it, she’s been abor*ting alot of kids for him.

When I confronted her, she pleaded with me to forgive her, that those pastors promised to sponsor all her needs

Now, I’m confused and afraid to accept her back


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