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My Husband Caught me Cheating and yet still playing and Laughing with me – Lady shares

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I am the most foolish and planet earth. I had a nice husband but wasted it. Now I am living in fear. This is how it happened…

One day, During an hot sex with my neighbour who would normally come and have sex with me when my husband goes to the office, my husband walked in on us while I was screaming my neighbor’s name in our living room. I was so scared and of course so was my neighbor. I thought that would be the end of my marriage.

I didn’t expect him to come back so early…My husband saw us but just went in quietly, I was shaking and immediately my neighbor left he came back to the living room and asked me how my day was even asked for his food…I was so scared but I gave him the food and he went to sleep.

I am trying to kneel and beg but he keeps asking me what did I do… It’s been two weeks now and he has been acting absolutely normal like he didn’t see anything. He even laughs and plays with me… What type of trouble should I be looking forward to? Please someone help me!”

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