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My Husband is Begging me to Allow him Sleep with my Sister – Confused Lady Shares

I want to be anonymous though this is a very serious matter right now.

I married this my husband about 2 years ago and we have been living happily since then not until few months ago when I noticed his mood changed in the house. He and my sister use to be very close and at times unduly close but I didn’t suspect anything because she wasn’t staying with us but only comes and goes also I trusted my husband that he wouldn’t do anything to hurt me.

His mood did changed at home and when I ask he will say nothing that he is fine. I knew he wasn’t fine so I pestered. During this period I will notice he likes isolating himself in the house to make some calls and sometimes when I grab his phone he would be looking at me somehow.

I kept begging him to tell me what the Issue was and just last month he told me to promise and even swear that I won’t be angry when he opens up and I actually promised and even swore to him. Then he opened up and confessed that he is madly in love with my sister (my blood sister) and that he thinks its ‘lust’ but whenever he has such strange feeling towards a lady, the moment he sleeps with her the feelings disappear and he gets a relief.

I almost fainted that day, lost appetite and cried all through the day but couldn’t pour my anger on him because I swore not to do so. The all Idea now is that I should allow him sleep with my sister so he can get over her. I don’t even know if I am running mad or its my brain malfunctioning… Obviously I can’t pack out of the house as he has not even slept with her yet but he said he needs to at least once so he can get a relief.

I think I know what may have caused all this…. My sister can be very seductive, she wears skimpy and has a nice shape and big backside and frontside. I need help for him and maybe make him talk to a counsellor but he is insisting that the only way to make him relieved is allow him sleep with her.


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