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I thought I was Impotent not Knowing my Wife was Aborting all our Babies – Angry man shares

I always hear that some women can be heartless but I never believed it because I was never a victim not until now.

I married my wife about 2 years ago though I didn’t have a great Job, I was earning 70k and I am a graduate but I know better Jobs are coming so I encouraged her to have faith that things will get better.

We got married and have been waiting on God for children, little did I know that my wife knew what she was doing.

She didn’t really have a Job and we lived in a room and parlor self contain which was not too bad so I wonder why she had to do what she did.

Its been 2 years of waiting and waiting for a child and my salary got increased to 85k of recent then I saw the shocker of my life…

I got home that day earlier than expected and when I got to the door and called my wife to come open the door, I peeped through the window and saw her rushing to quickly carry some drugs on the center table away.

I kept quiet but on entering I ordered her to bring out that drug she went to hide, she swore that there was nothing o that it was just a drug for fertility that a friend prescribed for her.

At first I had believed her but my spirit told me that if it was so she wouldn’t rush to carry it and hide it. So, I scattered the whole house to bring it out. I found the drugs, it was then my wife knelt down and started crying. She said she was trying to help us, that we don’t have money now for children and that she suffered too much in life and so won’t want her children too to come and suffer.

I could not close my mouth, infact for the first time, tears dropped from my eyes. I thought I was Impotent not knowing my wife was a devil. She had aborted more than 5 times according to her and from the way I saw it, abortion was not a new thing to her.

We don’t want to make it a public matter yet if she corporates and promise not to try it again, but if in few months time I don’t see pregnancy, she will land in her parents house.


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