My Best friend Drugged Me Just to Sleep With My Thailand Friend – Lady Shares Betrayal Story

My name is Victory, Chinelo also known as ChiChi is my friend , she drugged me and slept with my drunk thailand friend, who came all the way from Thailand just to see me, after we met on Facebook, and the thai boy was interested on my powerful talent of good efficacy from my cosmetic products, cause I’m a cosmetologist, a beautician, I run a skincare/spa shop and therapeutical, I deal on treating skin problems and special skincare products .

I hail from warri, Delta state, “Decha” is a thailand young guy who I met on Facebook group chat and the thai boy was interested in me, but the reason he was so much eager to see me was because, he came across some people using my beauty products in Thailand, he tried to reach me but he couldn’t, until the very day i stumbled on a group chat, that was how we met on Facebook.
The thai guy told me that’s he will be coming to Nigeria to see me one on one, which he did, when he came we both lived together in the same house but in my room

When I introduced ChiChi to Decha she was like living in another planet, she even tried spending nights in my room which my mom didn’t allow, she stole his number from my cell phone, I taught it was ordinary so I didn’t mind thatit, until the day Decha told me he will be taking me out on Friday night , I told my Bestfriend ChiChi about it, and she also wished to come with us, she pleaded with Decha to follow us, but Decha declined because he needed just himself and i alone, then i pleaded with him on her behalf to let her come with us and he agreed to it.iim not known for taking alcoholic drinks of any percentage, except beverages, but i took a little that night, which was what ChiChi used for drugging me just to put my present on lock, she got Decha drunk in alcohol and slept with him that same night.

Two weeks later after the night we had together, ChiChi confirmed she was pregnant with Decha’s baby, I taught she was joking like she used to do. When I tried to find out if she was telling the truth, she reported to the police that she was raped, and I got detained under police custody for trying to stop her and the pregnancy she claimed belong to Decha.
ChiChi parent went further by reporting to the police that Decha, the thai guy most marry their raped daughter , but i refused the offer and threaten to deal with her if she dares hook pregnancy on Decha’s neck, which was why Decha suggested abortion but i refused it.

My parents suggested medical test on both victims, ChiChi and Decha, when she was tested by doctor Ashaka, he confirmed no rape sign on her, when tests was carried out on Decha, nothing surfaced on him so he was clean of the act, I also got tested too and the doctor found drug cells in me, that was how we found out I was the victim who was drugged that night and not Decha, now the truth came out, which is why I was released from police custody, and ChiChi was detained for the lies and the crime she’s guilty of, although her case is bailable, so no big deal.

four days later i ran away with Decha to stay in a hotel in Asaba and returned on the sixth day and when I returned i was asked why i ran away which was also reported by ChiChi’s elder brother to the police station yesterday. ChiChi and her parent threatened to harm him on the same issue if Decha refuse the baby, I told the police men on the threat that ChiChi elder brother poses and the police told them if anything happened to me or Decha he will be held responsible for it, so i needed Decha to leave Nigerian in 14 days time back to Thailand, and as for the baby, I have promised to look after the baby when ChiChi will give birth to it and Decha will return to Nigeria for the baby and to always check me and the baby from time to time, he promised to cut all communications with ChiChi after the arrival of the baby but he will always keep me by him.


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