He Cheats on Me, Lies that am not Good In Bed all Because He wants a Divorce – Woman Shares

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Mrs blessing okafor has taken her time to explain why her husband has demanded for a divorce.

She said’ I cook for my husband and do everything that Is required of a wife.’
I know he Is a lying and cheating bastard but I still tolerate him.

I sell baby wears I make my own hard earned money for me not to be dependent on him,truly he gave me hundred thousand to start my business and I was appreciative.

I give him good sex I do everything to please him I never allow my business to affect our home.

 Yet he would bring home his concubine and ask me to cook for both of them.
To avoid trouble I will prepare the meal.

My husband and I have been married for 7 years now.
Ever since we got married he was fond of bringing home his concubines whenever am not around.

I tried reporting the issue to his mum but the woman will always pick fight with me for reporting her son. This made me kept quiet ever since.

One time I traveled and on returning I met him and his concubine In the house,the lady had moved Into our matrimonial home I was surprised yet didn’t say anything.

With everything I have satisfied my husband. Am now surprised when he said I am not caring,loving and not Good In bed.

He has filed a divorce suit against me upon everything he has done,I don’t believe he has the right to after how unfair he has been towards me.

Am confused I don’t even know where to start.I know he knows how to find his way about court matters. I have two kids for him I don’t want to lose them.

Should I just pack out of his house or still go for the divorce.


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