I Beat Up My Husband Anytime He Demands S*x – Nigerian Woman Shares Shocking Story

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A housewife , Bayonle Bamidele shared that she denies and beat up her husband, Adeyemi Bamidele , anytime he demanded sex for fear of contracting HIV.

Bayonle shared this as her husband already had a divorce suit filed over her refusal to have sex with him.

She said her husband was a womanizer who always brought his female friends to their matrimonial home .

She said , “ I have warned him to stop promiscuity to avoid contracting HIV, but he didn’t listen to me .

“ So , I denied him sex for fear of contracting HIV due to his carefree sexual attitude , ” she said .

The husband , a retiree , had approached a court for dissolution of his eight – year marriage with Bayonle on the ground that she denied him sex.

He also said that the wife always beat him and threaten to kill him whenever he demanded sex.

He said , “ My lord , I married her to give me kids and satisfy my sexual urge, but the reverse was the case “.

“ The union of eight years is yet to produce a child , worst still , she denies me sex and beat me whenever I make move to sleep with her “

“ She is a wicked woman, am tired of living with a wife that refused to give me sex , ” he said .

Whose Fault is this ?


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