Touching Story of Lady Who Called Off Her Wedding Due To A Shocking Phone Call

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A young lady has called off her wedding slated for November, 2019 after receiving a call from a strange number.

She shared this;

About six month ago I noticed he was still in contact with his former girlfriend, but i told my best friend and she advised that i overlook things.

My best friend told me to keep a relationship you need to overlook,forgive and forget. I listened and moved on.
Our relationship now is over three years and I love him so much.

Our wedding which has been stated for November, just two days ago i received a call from a strange number telling me that she is my fiance EX and how they met and had sex together six months ago.

The strange caller also advised that I should not go ahead with the marriage and just leave him for her.
 I called my fiance and told him our wedding is two months away is there anything he wish to let me know.

He lied,and said nothing. I then played the call recording to him because my phone is always on call recording.
He collected the phone deleted the recording and admitted the whole story and started apologizing.

I told him we are calling off the wedding, left in anger and called my best friend again,she told me so far i knew about it for awhile and decided to forgive, i should therefore decide to forgive and go ahead with the wedding since he is remorseful.

My best friend told me women like that always want to stop good things from happening. She told me women like that know they can’t have what they want,rather they destroy.
Am confused on what to do.

Should i forgive him and continue with the wedding? As advised by my friend, Even though my fiance said after seeing the lady he ended things but was scared to tell me because he does not know what my reaction would be.

Or should i stand on my decision of calling off the marriage?


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