My Husband Fl*rts With My Neighbor, A Single Mom and I Want To Catch Him – Lady Shares

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I’m pregnant. My hubby flirts with my neighbor, A single mom but I really I want to catch him woman stated as she shares her story.
“My husband is too close to this single mother living close to us. He carries her hang bag when he sees her. He Carry my own too though. 
He buys her petrol. He even has a special handshake he does with her son.
How can I find out if they are sleeping together. My husband password is quite long he guards his phone with his life.
Sometimes I will look for his car and it is not around the compound and the Lady’s car will not be there too.
It’s like they are out at the same time. I need techniques on how to catch him please. Don’t tell me not to tail him. When you marry don’t worry allow some slim girl like broom take your husband ” She expressed in anger.
Does Catching Him really make any difference ?


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