Man Publicly Appreciates Fiancee After She Paid His House Rent for Months – See His Story

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A soon-to-be groom, Bob Phondo, has taken to social media to appreciate his woman.
Bob shared a photo of his fiancée as he explained that she has been there for him through thick and thin.

The happy man explained that when he met her, he had no place to stay and when he found a place, his woman paid his rent and more – Despite all the glowing things Bob said about his woman, he was mocked on social media as people described her as the man in the relationship Love is an emotion that takes a number of sacrifices from the parties involved. Despite that, some people are unlucky enough to be jilted after putting their all into a relationship. However, that is now always the case. Just recently, a man on social media, Bob Phondo took to his Twitter page to shower accolades on his woman who always stood by him when the going was tough.

According to Bob, his lady met him when he was squatting with a friend because he had no place to stay. He further explained that when he eventually got a place, she helped him pay the rent for several months. Bob added that his woman got him his first car ever and that when his laptop got destroyed she gave him hers. He added that his woman invested in their first two businesses together and supported everything he was trying to do to make ends meet. Bob concluded that even though he is better off now, he knows his woman does not care about all that but loves him genuinely because she has proved it on several occasions.

Despite Bob’s touching message to appreciate his wife-to-be, a number of Twitter users mocked him. According to them, he has been overly dependent on his woman and she is now the man in the relationship. See some comments bashing Bob below: Jewels explained that her mom warned her to avoid men like Bob as she even asked if he was taking his woman’s last name: September warned Bob not to mistake gratefulness for love as he might be getting married to her only to appreciate her:


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