Lady Tells Story of how She Made It In Life despite being deprived Education by Her Mother

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A lady miss Adedayo (not same in picture) said ignorance at times is the problem of most illiterate parents.
She said” my mother gave birth to four kids,two girls two boys.

Our father in blessed memory loves education a lot but my mum would always say” education is best for the male child as the glory won’t depart from them” she claimed.

My mother so much believes that sending a female child to school is a waste of money,time and resources. Simply because a girl child will later get married.

My mother so much believes that females will later end the education in the kitchen.
I later ran away from home to my mother sister’s house because she valued education so much.

I connived with her and her husband that anytime my mother comes looking for me,they should deny seeing me.
Fortunately for me my aunt husband sent me abroad with their kids.

My brothers died,my Senior sister due to the fact that she dropped out of school, she gave birth for an agbero (street tout) .

Now I a female child, I have an hospital of my own, rich and comfortable.
My senior sister is currently upset with our mother, and vowed not to forgive her for how she made her drop out of school.


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