29 Year Old Man Looking 13 Shares Story of Depr*ssion He Faces Due to Disrespect

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Nigerian Guy, who chooses to be anonymous shares a story of depression caused by disrespect…. See his story:

I am 29 years old but if you see me, you wouldn’t believe me, because I look like a 13 year old boy.

People naturally disrespect me because of this. There was a time I and my nephew were living together, he is well built and as such dates ladies older than he is.

So one day, a lady came to visit him, she met me at home and asked of him which I told her he wasn’t around. Then she called him on the phone. But what pained me most was that she said ” hello baby, I’m in your place now but I met one small boy who said you weren’t around. My nephew had to call me back to apologized and also told her that that’s his uncle oo, but the silly Lady just said how come he looks so small.

I can’t approach mature ladies, for fear of being embarrassed. All these small girls, that I decided to ask out, after one week will begin to disrespect and cheat on me. Even employers do exploit me. I remember, one employer like that that said what does a small boy like me wants to do with money, just because I told her I can’t accept the amount she offered to pay me.

Please how can I put on more weight and look more mature, that is, look my age, because people don’t respect me a bit.


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