Lady Shares Story of How Doctor Drugged Her and Started Touching Her – Read Story


A Nigerian lady, has reacted to Daily Nigerian report “How Doctor Sedated, Raped Married Patient In Sokoto”.

The lady while reacting to the the sad news by Daily Nigerian, recounted how same Doctor Faruk molested her in 2016 by drugging her and touching her thighs and boobs.

She wrote:

“I was almost a victim of this back in 2016. I was weak from whatever he injected me with, dozed for a couple of mins & opened my eyes while still being unconscious. Saw him touching my thighs & breast then I murmured ‘leave me alone’ & fortunately the nurse passing by walked in.”

She went further…

“It’s so sad that sexual assault, rape, and harassment keeps increasing & occurs just anywhere. Anyone is a victim at anytime & until we take that drastic ‘Death Sentence’ to culprits seriously, these people will keep committing crimes & escape as they always do.”

Thefamousnaija recalls that Doctor Faruk is currently enmeshed in rape, sex scandal following Daily Nigerian reports.


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